Crystals -- Are for Everyone

"Crystals" have long been thought to effect humans and their lives with energy -- both positive and negative.  Many people today believe that certain crystals can bring powerful healing to the body or good luck to a person -- or any number of other mystical properties.

First, what do I mean by "crystals"?  I'm using the word here and on the website for simplicity -- and I include rocks, minerals and gemstones -- both precious and semi-precious.  Basically any stone which is thought to have qualities which affect humans other than through aesthetics alone.  Of course, not all stones are necessarily crystals but it will keep things simpler to talk about!  

Second, Don't worry if you find yourself questioning the meaning or healing properties of crystals -- that's okay!  We will do our best to get you the best information on crystal properties and their uses in healing, divination and many other practices, but you don't have to believe in any of that in order to enjoy the crystals available here at Pen's Path!  The way I see it -- whether you think Amethyst is a healing stone or just a beautiful piece of nature and this amazing Earth we call home -- you can enjoy adding crystals into your everyday life!!  So many are simply gorgeous to look at and a pleasant sensory experience to touch -- one might even serve as a worry stone in your pocket to get you through a stressful experience.  Perhaps a crystal will serve to remind you to take care of yourself or your partner or children when you hold it.  If it does, then you have felt the power of a crystal!!

So now you can start exploring the fascinating world of crystals here at Pen's Path!  We will be blogging about and including loads of information on our Compendium pages in the weeks and months to come, so p
lease check regularly as we will be updating often.  I want Pen's Path to be a source of information and inspiration, as well as a source of interesting and just plain beautiful items for you and your home!  So be sure to use the "crystal" tag to find all of your crystal needs here on Penardun's Path.  They are also included in all Collections under The Emporium tab.

                                                                                      -- Pen

PS -- I keep a bowl of crystals on my desk at work -- many different colors and many different properties are represented.  That bowl reminds me daily to be patient, to listen and to make sure I take care of myself even when I'm swamped -- and much more.  Sometimes, though, I just really like to sit and look at them or take a few in my hand to feel how smooth and cool they are while I'm thinking.  So it doesn't matter how you use them, it's just amazing what crystals can do to make your day so much better!