Find Your Way to Where You Are

Life's a journey, right?  Sure it is. matter where you are on your life's journey, you are always in the here and now.  You are where you are.

Oddly enough, even knowing (or figuring out) where you really are may be a journey in itself.  It's sometimes hard for people to understand the idea that only "now" exists.  Right? Is that confusing? If you really sift down and try to understand it, it's very simple.  And super complicated!  Only now exists.  And now.  And now.

Most of us live our daily lives inundated by thoughts while we multi-task (or think we do) ourselves into exhaustion.  Thoughts of our past -- regrets, hurts suffered or given, even good times that we wish to repeat.  Thoughts of future events -- those we fervently hope will happen or those we dread might.  Baggage.  Baggage we schlep down that path called "life".

In reality, though, all of that baggage is just that -- thoughts we "carry" around.  Intangible. Non-material.  Ephemeral.  If we tune into reality every once in a while, it becomes clearer that all we really have is what we have now.  The only time we really have is right now.  We are living now.

It is said that every journey starts with the first step.  That first step can happen now.  And every step after that will happen in the now.  Where are YOU in the now?  Can we help you....find your way to where you are?

-- Pen