Why "Penardun's Path"?

In Celtic Mythology, Penardun (Penarddun) is said to be the daughter of Don, the Mother Goddess.  I chose the name "Penardun's Path" for my website as a representation of humanity's journey through mortal life -- both literally and spiritually.  We are all as children striving to be better, learning to become adults and trying to get to the end of life on a higher note than that with which we may have started.

Many of us are trying to better ourselves while we're here -- taking care of our bodies, our souls and our minds.  I want to bring you products and ideas to help you on your journey -- the journey to a better you!

I firmly believe that life is about the path we take and what we experience while on that path.  If you don't live along the way, you may find at the end that you never really lived at all....

As a fellow daughter, I'd be honored if you would let me join you on the path. I look forward to learning along the way with you and sharing with you what I've learned and what I've found to help me on the way to where I am now.

                                                                    -- Just call me  "Pen"