Kits | Daily Archangels Gem Bag

Kits | Daily Archangels Gem Bag

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~A daily meditation for the soul!

Angel Relationships came out of the cross cultural fertilization from Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The birth of the Golden Age of the Renaissance brought about a flourishing and rebirth of new discoveries, both geographically and intellectually. Throughout history, angels have been associated with everything from the planets in the sky to the stones in the ground. This gift set was created out of the demand for a daily angel crystal collection and meditation tool!

In this bag, there are seven stones one for each day of the week. They are accompanied by a pamphlet with each angel associated with the crystal/day, along with a story about each angel, a meditation with the crystal, information including daily herbs, planetary connections, incense, flowers, elements, plants, numbers. We also include our special doop stick incense and silver Guardian Angel coin!

All stones are medium to large sized tumblestones. Bags may vary in color depending on availability. Guardian Angel protect us pocket coin. “Protect and Give Strength” 1 1/8″.