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Eternity Knot Necklace

Eternity Knot Necklace

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Based on the Celtic version of the Endless or Eternity Knot, The Celtic knot symbol, is also referred to as the mystic knot, or the endless knot The sacred meaning of the Celtic knot suggests that in life there are no beginnings or endings.

In seeing these exquisite knots, you will not see a beginning or an end, and consequently we are reminded of the timeless nature of our spirit. To a lesser extent, the Celtic knot representation is likewise related to the knots continuous nature. Attributable to it’s unlimited path, the Celtic knot symbolizes an uninterrupted life. In this case, these knots are applied as emblems of longevity and the never-ending life cycle.

This beautifully crafted fine pewter necklace comes with information about this pendant, a 33″ long cord and organza bag for storage.