Kits | Blue Moon Crystal Deluxe Set

Kits | Blue Moon Crystal Deluxe Set

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“This is a tool for transformation!”

The term “Blue Moon” does not even involve the color blue. When we can view a full moon two times in one calendar month, this is referred to as a “blue moon.”

Metaphysically, the Blue Moon represents our rare opportunity to fully express ourselves through communication and clarity of expression. The symbolic blue energy represents our Throat Chakra. Use this rare occasion to open up, relay your inner thoughts and creativity.

What are you yearning to express? What’s the motivation behind your communication? What kind of signals are you sending? Utilize this “blue moon moment” in time to contemplate your spoken and unspoken articulations. Bring about change and move forward.

This kit is a unique meditation set of stones used for own self-expression. This deluxe meditation set includes Dumortierite, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Moonstone, Blue Quartz, Selenite, Celestite, and Sodalite, instructions, blue moon cabachon and more!