Crystal Meditation Pouches

Crystal Meditation Pouches

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These beautifully packaged meditation pouches allow you to carry your meditation and crystals with you as you practice the meditation throughout the day.

These pouches are based on the ancient art of Chinese proverbs, meditations and Feng Shui practice

These pouches ignite awareness and consciousness. Through each meditation, they can help you to make the right choices in order to find balance in your life!!

Each pouch contains: a fulfilling and spiritual meditation, 4 crystals to help amplify your intention, Dhoop stick incense, as well as, helpful tips to achieve enlightenment.

Choose from:

Action Pouch: To find strength and motivation in order to act on your goal.

Awareness Pouch: To bring about self awareness through deep consciousness as you become in tune with all that is around you.

Calming Pouch: To enhance serenity in life while leading you to the most balanced place we can find; our own inner peace.

Patience Pouch: To discover the secrets of being patient with willingness. discipline and self-control.

Stability Pouch: To be able to withstand the forces that unravel us through firmness, soundness, steadiness and strength.

Sweetness Pouch: To rediscover the child-like brilliance and humility we have buried and allow ourselves to look at things with wide eyes.

Wisdom Pouch: To honor our great teachers and meditate on the path of conscious learning and devotion to our purpose in life.