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Kits | Goddess Crystal Collection

Kits | Goddess Crystal Collection

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Crystal pouches are one of the most interesting and oldest remedies. Use your pouch by carrying it with you. Hang one or more of your crystals around your neck, in your purse, pocket or carry in your hand. Place the pouch in any room where you need it the most or hang it on the door handle. Create a circle with your stones as a sacred space or meditation circle.

The Goddess, is the “goodness” in all women! Historically, the feminine form or “Triple Goddess”, is based on ancient goddess triads and the three forms (aspects) a woman takes throughout her life. No matter which transition she is experiencing (maiden, mother, crone), it is a nice time to bring awareness to the “nurturing energy” in your life.

The “mother archetype“ in mythology, are the archetypal mothers who are often linked to the idea of the Great Mother. This includes Great Mother deities such as Gaia, Isis and Mother Earth, saints and great leaders, and of course, the Virgin Mary. In this archetype, the mother nurtures not just the child, but all of creation or certain elements of nature. This kind of care is always given to a female deity. In many polytheistic religions, the mother forms a triumvirate along with the maiden and the crone archetypes as the three stages of womanhood.

This collection includes, moonstone (the goddess stone) amethyst (the dream stone) pearl (for the goddess of the sea), rose quartz (the stone of love & self-love), rainbow opal (all encompassing stone of water and emotions) and angel aura quartz (the stone for the guardian angel). This collection comes with our Goddess Incense cones, the healing/metaphysical properties of each stone, information on how to use, work with and cleanse these stones. A wonderful goddess meditation and a beautiful organza bag for storage.