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Passion Potion Perfume Oil

Passion Potion Perfume Oil

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We pay homage to the “fires of lust”, the “devotion to love” and the “drive of infatuation” in this unique creation with the beautiful, floral and spicy blend of Louise Odier Roses (Rosa ‘Louise Odier’), intensely sweet and fragrant. This passionate rose is seen adoring English gardens and heirloom hedges.

This alluring perfume oil has been accentuated with Botanicals of delicate red rose buds. This sexy bath/body/perfume oil serves all functions as it offers the “delights of romance” on the one who wears it!

This is a Special Reserve blend, made in very small batches to assure freshness “picked from the vine”!

2 oz, corked bottle, wax sealed.

This is wrapped with a precious CHARM GIFT of two conjoining hearts! Makes a wonderful necklace or special charm for any bracelet or anklet!